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The Cast-Iron-Backed Bench Restoration Kit: What's Included

  • Assembly guide
  • 9 hardwood slats
  • 1 centre strap
  • 26 bolts, nuts and washers
  • 14 screws

The Slats

Our cast-iron backed bench kit comprises 9 hardwood slats. Five of these are supplied drilled with holes centred and offset 18mm from the end of the slat. The remaining four make up the frame around the iron back.

Two are 1.2m long x 60mm x 21mm. They have one square long edge and are supplied undrilled as holes may not be in the centre of the slat. The other two are 300mm long x 50mm x 21mm and are square edged to cut as short uprights.

The slats for the seat are 1.2m long x 60mm x 21mm

The Straps & Bolts

Included in our assembly kit are all the straps and bolts needed to restore your bench. Angle braces are not usually needed for this bench type.

Please note: due to the various types of benches, and for shipping convenience, the centre strap is sent flat and undrilled. It requires bending and drilling by yourself.

You also get a set of 26 M6 x 40mm BZP bolts, nuts and washers, and a set of 14 A20 x 20mm stainless screws.

Centre strap, flat and undrilled
26 BZP bolts, nuts and washers, 14 screws

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