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Do-it-yourself Bench Restoration Kits

ARBC produces and sells a range of full DIY kits for the restoration of benches. These are sold as either complete kits consisting of timber slats and all necessary braces, bolts and screws, or smaller kits consisting of the hardwood slats only. The timber is iroko and is planed, rounded and pre-drilled. It can also be treated with either teak oil or primed if needed.

Iroko is often referred to as African teak since it shares many of the properties of teak, as well as the coloration. It is a very durable oily hardwood, ideally suited to our climate where it is used extensively when a long-lasting hardwood is required.

Full kit contents:

  • 8 hardwood slats approx 1.2m long x 55mm x 22mm
  • 4 hardwood slats approx 1.2m long x 35mm x 22mm
  • 1 centre strap to fashion & drill to suit your individual bench
  • 2 pre-bent and drilled angle braces
  • 26 M6 x 40mm BZP bolts, nuts and washers
  • 14 A20 x 20mm stainless screws

Full kits retail at £85.00


Slats only

The wooden slats alone are available for £65.00.


Special Offer on 'Factory 2nds' Slats

For a limited time, we are offering packs of 'factory seconds' bench slats for just £49.

These slats will have some minor imperfections, such as machining gliches, markings of wood-boring insect holes (though wood is guaranteed insect-free) etc.

Collection for these slats is preferred as we recommend you select your own, but we will post out packs on request.

For non-standard items, slats can be made to order. Request a quote from us. Kits can be produced with 9 hardwood slats 1.2m long x 55mm x 22mm, and 3 hardwood slats 1.2m long x 35mm x 22mm for the same price as the standard kit.

For a kit of 10 hardwood slats 1.2m long x 55mm x 22mm and 2 hardwood slats 1.2m long x 35mm x 22mm, the slats only cost £64.50 and the full kit is £83.

For more information, please check our FAQ page.

About the slats

Standard slat end

All slats come fully rounded on the long edges and are pre-drilled with holes offset 17mm to centre of the hole (see photo). Some benches may require a different ratio of wide to narrow slats. Please check the hole centres on your bench end.

End-fixed slat

Some benches may require end-fixed slats. We supply these fitted with pre-filled insert nuts with hex bolts (see photo).